The US$3,000 Award Redemption Hotel Stay

No, the award stay itself is not costing US$3,000, but rather that is the amount charged to the credit card of FlyerTalk member PedroNY. Why he incurred a $3,000 charge to redeem 6-Night VIP in Sydney???

PedroNY was attempting to book an award reservation at the Hilton Sydney in January of 2011. While he was assured that the deposit would be returned to him after his stay, he cringed at the thought of losing the use of US$3,000 for an entire year.

Find out what advice PedroNY was given by fellow FlyerTalk members to avoid having his credit card charged US$3,000 for an entire year, as well as who actually made money on this policy as a result of unexpected arbitrage…

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