“The Valet Gave My Car to Someone Else”

Imagine driving up to a hotel, giving the keys to your rental car to the valet, and staying overnight at that hotel.

You wake up the next morning and discover that the valet gave your car to someone else.

Is 20,000 points added to your account in the frequent guest loyalty program of a hotel enough compensation for — among other things — the inconvenience of not having the car you rented, the loss of your personal items, and wasting several hours of your time at both the car rental counter and in an airport after already missing your flight?

Find out more details regarding this rather bizarre story in the Valet gave car to another guest thread, as well as events that transpired thereafter.

I personally avoid having any vehicle I use parked by a valet whenever possible, whether it is a rental vehicle or my own car. This story demonstrates yet another reason for me to continue this practice.

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