The Very Bestest Bar in the Whole Wide World…

…is a chocolate bar.

I am certain some lawyers would argue what they believe is the bestest bar – but they would have to pass it first.

Anyway, I had better clean up my act here with a bar of soap and inform you that FlyerTalk member Showbizguru asks the timeless question: what is The very bestest bar in the whole wide world ?

Take a shot at answering the question in that thread. Do not wine if your response becomes toast by the responses of other FlyerTalk members looking for a rum-ble – just grin and beer it. Do not mug in that thread, as that is considered a pain in the glass. Whiskey on over there now, because bar none – that is the best question I have seen all day.

To continue, iron workers would be wrought over this question by thinking that a metal bar is the bestest. I am shore that lifeguards would suggest a sand bar, which would go against the grain of some people. Security personnel who keep people out of places would say that the bestest bar —

Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering: I am not drunk as I write this, because I do not – and never did – drink alcohol at all. However, I will drink to that…

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