The Way FlyerTalk Threads are Read Has Changed…

…and not everybody is happy about the change.

In the past, once a FlyerTalk member logs off of FlyerTalk or after the session has expired due to lack of activity, all threads were considered read even if the FlyerTalk member had not yet read some of those threads.

Now, FlyerTalk threads remain bold, meaning that they are not yet read by the FlyerTalk member, until the FlyerTalk member chooses to read that thread, no matter how many times that FlyerTalk member logs out and logs back in.

Personally, this new method of threads remaining unread until I actually read them has enhanced my FlyerTalk experience, allowing me to log on to FlyerTalk more often without being concerned that I will miss information in FlyerTalk threads that I have not yet read.

However, there are other FlyerTalk members who are unhappy with the changes, to say the least. Find out why, as well as more details on the controversial change in how threads are considered read or unread, in the My Flyertalk showing all threads since 3/1/10 thread.

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