The Window Seat

I typically enjoy a window seat. It offers an opportunity to look at the marvels of both mankind — with the cities built and the ribbons of highways on which tiny metal cars traverse — and the wonders of nature, from majestic mountains to billowy clouds in all sorts of different formations.
To see a sunset or a sunrise from the air is an especially magical treat to enjoy and embrace.
So Why do so few people look out the window of the plane? Some reasons given by some FlyerTalk members are that if you have seen one cloud, you have seen them all. An aisle seat offers an opportunity for a quicker exit. Perhaps there is a fear of heights — or maybe it is simply too bright in the daytime to leave the window shade open.
For those people who eschew window seats or who have no interest in looking out the window, Would you fly in a plane with no windows?

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