There is No Need to Lose Your Shirt Over Losing Your Pants!

Overall, it is probable that not many people would be panting over the photographs found via a link in the Man loses pants in Vail ski lift mishap… with pics! thread, as they would not exactly sock someone with excitement.

Not only was the man in question found suspended upside down from the ski lift chair, but the photographer was also suspended — from his job, that is — for taking the picture.

I am not a man of the cloth, but I would surely bet that even though the man in question lost part of his snow skiing suit, he is contemplating winning a different kind of suit — a lawsuit.

Speaking of lawsuits, buckle up for the 240,000 dollars awarded to man forced to cover Arab T-shirt thread, which is an unrelated yet equally bizarre story.

One thought on “There is No Need to Lose Your Shirt Over Losing Your Pants!”

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