This City is Offering $10,000 For You to Move There — If…

You are potentially eligible for $10,000.00; a free housing stipend for an apartment which is fully furnished in a building downtown for the first three months; free desk space; and a welcoming, collaborative and supportive community through a rather unique and innovative program if you can move to this city within six months; stay for a minimum of one year; are at least 18 years of age; eligible to work in the United States; and full-time remote employment or self-employed outside Tulsa County.

This City is Offering $10,000 For You to Move There — If…

The Tulsa Remote program was created in an attempt to attract more workers to the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma — as well as to enhance the “talented and successful workforce community” in Tulsa “by bringing diverse, bright and driven individuals to the city for community building, collaboration and networking” — and it offers a lower cost of living; less expensive real estate prices with a median home price of $120,000.00; significant savings on monthly rent; and less time commuting to work when compared to several other major cities in the United States.

Within two days, almost 1,800 people applied for the Tulsa Remote program, which highlights why living in Tulsa offers a good quality of life in addition to the other aforementioned reasons. The George Kaiser Family Foundation is funding the cash for the 12-month program. The official Internet web site for Tulsa Remote even displays open positions for jobs which can be searched.

If you are interested, you will go through the application process with which you will be asked for the public names you use on social media; reasons for leaving the place in which you are currently living; how much you travel for work; your educational background; and your hobbies — and you will be asked for proof of income and “What is your experience with Oklahoma”; and how much you agree with statements such as “I highly value being part of a tight-knit community in the city I call home,” and “Ease of living (low traffic, affordable housing) is a high priority at this point in my life.”

If you are selected to move on to the next step in the process, you will be interviewed via video and by visiting a site — but be aware that only up to a maximum of 25 candidates will win a place in the Tulsa Remote program.


I have been to Tulsa several times. It is a nice city and I would visit again — I might even consider moving there if the incentives were appealing enough — but it is not one of my favorite cities.

If $10,000.00 plus a housing stipend and free desk space is not enough of an incentive to move to Tulsa, perhaps you would rather attempt to secure a house for free in Japan — but owning a castle in Italy for free is unfortunately out of the question and no longer possible at this time.

Source: Tulsa Remote.

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