This is Only for Those Who are Older Than 18 Years of Age…

…but I am certain that simply posting that title will only attract more people younger than the age of 18.

Anyway, FlyerTalk members seem to be in a frenzy in their pursuit of garnering the prize for searching for adult-oriented material hidden in their hotel room. While some FlyerTalk members have scored with the sought-after prized possession, other FlyerTalk members have found other items – some of them quite odd, to say the least. Condoms, marijuana, money, and even a wallet are among the items that have been found.

To some FlyerTalk members, it is the ultimate scavenger hunt.

The question does remain, however: Why do so many people hide adult-oriented magazines behind drawers in hotel rooms?

Avoid getting caught with your pants down. Do not read that thread unless you are willing to accept the naked truth…

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