This Passenger Probably Will Not Be Making Beautiful Music with Delta Air Lines Anymore

Dave Schneider used his “smartphone” to photograph the mangled case containing a piece of his guitar, both of which were caught between a mobile service elevator and a metal rail on the loading dock in Detroit after the aircraft parked at the gate. The photograph was then posted by Schneider to his facebook Internet web site for all to see.

Dave Schneider knew that the screeching noise which he heard was not a good sign. His prized $10,000.00 1965 Gibson ES-335 guitar had just been mangled between a mobile service elevator and a metal rail on the loading dock after the arrival of an aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines was parked at the gate after completing a flight from Buffalo to Detroit.

A “musician’s worst nightmare” is what Schneider reportedly called the incident.

Schneider supposedly attempted to prevent having his vintage guitar checked, offering instead to carry it aboard the aircraft as he has reportedly done many times in the past — and never with any problem whatsoever. His request was allegedly denied.

The guitarist and singer for The LeeVees, which is a rock band that performs original Chanukah songs — as well as the lead singer for The Zambonis, which is a band that performs songs about hockey — claims that it will cost $1,980.00 to repair his guitar. Delta Air Lines had reportedly offered Schneider $1,000.00 but Schneider refused, as he did not yet know what the exact cost would be to repair his instrument.

Two e-mail messages reportedly sent to Richard Anderson — chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines — have not yet been answered. However, a spokesperson for Delta Air Lines intends to have the airline formally apologize to Schneider and attempt to “rectify what happened.”

FlyerTalk members are currently debating this incident, as a chorus of them absolutely believe that Delta Air Lines should compensate Schneider for his loss; while others note he did not perform due diligence in ensuring that his valuable instrument was not checked into the cargo hold instead of purchasing a seat for the guitar — but then again, purchasing a seat for his cello apparently no longer works for Lynn Harrell on Delta Air Lines, prompting FlyerTalk members to wonder if Delta Air Lines hates musicians.

While he is supposedly not seeking to be famous, perhaps Schneider should consider writing, composing and recording a video of The LeeVees performing a song about a wayward Chanukah present which was jammed between metal and damaged by an airline. A video created by Dave Carroll as the result of a similar incident on how United Airlines breaks guitars achieved viral status back in the summer of 2009.
The song — which would have a chance of attaining viral status at breakneck speed — could be called:

  • The Chanukah Guitar Jam
  • The String Along Sing-A-Long
  • Oil Miss My Chanukah Music
  • How My Instrument Became a Latke
  • Delta Owes Me Gelt — Oy Veh
  • Spin the Dreidel — Not My Gibson
  • Hey! Gimel My Guitar Before It Gets Kicked in the Shin and I Have None Left

Here are a couple of music videos of the songs performed by The LeeVees for your listening pleasure:

…and here is a music video of a songs performed by The Zambonis for your listening pleasure, which ironically is a Christmas song:

…and here is a video shot by Schneider after the incident, which clearly shows what appears to be the back board of the guitar peeking out of its case:

I hope that the incident is properly resolved. What would be your view of properly resolving this incident?

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