This Service Charge Just Isn't My Bag…

…or, at least that is representative of what the majority of Delta forum FlyerTalk members are posting in the New DL Service Charge as of 13DEC regarding charging US$3.00 per bag used for the transport of such items as car seats and backpacks on Delta Air Lines flights.

While many are opposed to it, some FlyerTalk members justify the charge, such as what FlyerTalk member FlyingUnderTheRadar says here. Others ask why all Delta Air Lines passengers should subsidize a service that only a minority of the passengers use.

However, the discussion has veered into a sarcastic yet humorous exchange on how else Delta Air Lines can “nickle-and-dime” their customers, such as charging for boarding passes, sticks of deodorant for those who need it, and a fee for standing in line at the gate before your zone was called.

By the way, that will be US$4.00 for reading this “blog” entry. Thank you very much.

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