This Thread is Designed to Design Your Designed Opposition to Poor Design – By Design

No, the Design pet peeves thread is not a discussion pertaining to the design of pets.

It is a thread in which you may reveal poor design that you encounter when you travel.

For example, the thread provided an outlet for FlyerTalk member gj83, who complained about…what else…electrical outlets.

Whether you sink your teeth into how the faucets are designed in hotel bathroom sinks, or if a discussion about cupholders (or the lack thereof) is your cup of tea, or if you tend to swing towards how close bathroom doors swing near the toilet, or if you are alarmed about how difficult it is to operate hotel room alarm clocks properly, or if you just want to run away from the view of viewing aircraft on the runway, this thread will provide you with some good reading – and an outlet to vent your frustrations at bad design whenever you travel.

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