This Thread is For the Birds. Try Not to Digest It.

The Birds – have you tried all of its parts? thread is truly fowl. I personally did not believe it would fly. However, FlyerTalk member BiziBB deserves a feather in his cap for starting this thread. As a result, FlyerTalk members began to wing it from there and post to that thread, even if just for some cheep thrills.

It is a lark that FlyerTalk member thelark would peep up and even dare post in that thread, considering the topic of discussion.

Please do not be chicken and duck out of posting to that thread. Beak-come a contributor, especially if you have eaten parts of birds that people would not normally eat, such as bird testicles, beaks, feathers, hearts and feet. Your goose will not be cooked if you do so, nor will anyone flip you the bird. Get on that perch and post away, or at least keep abreast of the discussion.

Drumstick roll for this turkey of an entry, please…

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