This Town Officially Changed Its Fugging Name to Fugging — Because…

Entry number 8 of the first of the 10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide series of articles has had its name officially changed to Fugging — effective as of Friday, January 1, 2021 — after a vote of the members of the municipal council of the town in Austria unanimously supported the name change.

This Town Officially Changed Its Fugging Name to Fugging — Because…

This is what was written in the aforementioned article about the town formerly — and famously — known as Fucking:

According to this entry at Scopes, “Tourists are causing a lot of anxiety — and are costing money — to a tiny village where signs keep disappearing. What do the signs read? ‘Welcome to Fucking, Austria.’ Pronounced ‘fooking,’ the little hamlet of Fucking is named after the man who founded the village in the 6th century. His name? Focko. The town sign has been stolen seven times in the last few months. With signs costing several hundred dollars apiece, much of the tiny town’s budget is being spent replacing the signs, says Siegfried Hoeppel, the Mayor of Fucking. He went on to express his hope that further thefts will be avoided through the use of increased concrete and … bigger screws.” That entry seems to have nailed the ins and outs of having a name like Fucking, which is located near the border of Austria and Germany almost 120 kilometers east of Munich and slightly greater than 40 kilometers north northeast of Salzberg. Be sure to light a cigarette after Fucking to complete your experience.

That article was written and published on Saturday, October 4, 2020. The vote was cast at the meeting of the municipal council of the municipality of Tarsdorf six weeks and two days later on the evening of Tuesday, November 17, 2020. That is merely coincidence, as the final straw which prompted the name change was an unspecified video which was posted on the Internet that “caused a stir.”

Residents of the community — who supported the application for the change of the name of the town — were responsible for the costs for the name change to the tune of €2,700.00 plus building yard costs.

The signs which proclaimed the former name of the town at its borders — whose meaning is also a profane verb in the English language — were constantly stolen or defaced by visitors who took the opportunity to take photographs of themselves. The cost of more than €2,700.00 is expected to save the town a lot of time, money, and effort.

By the way, the former name of the town was pronounced FOO-king and not the same pronunciation as the infamous profanity — and the current mayor is Andrea Holzner.


Well, I am glad that I was able to get that town in the first of the 10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide series of articles just before its Fugging name was changed, as it would have otherwise no longer qualified to be included.

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