Thousands of Couches All Around the World Are Available at Any Given Moment

Regarding a way of travel called Couchsurfing – have you used it?

The way it apparently works, CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit by staying on someone’s couch or spare room instead of at a hotel, hostel or even backpacking.

While it is certainly not for everyone, it is indeed an economical alternative to more traditional methods of staying overnight in a locale away from home — plus, as a bonus, one can get a more intimate local perspective on the people, the housing, and the quality of life in that locale. Then again, this is sleeping on the couch in the home of a complete stranger — and “CouchSurfers” may also reciprocate by offering their couches to complete strangers.

Could the CouchSurfing method of budget travel be for you?

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