Three FlyerTalk Gatherings That Need No Promotion or Advertising

There are at least three notable FlyerTalk gatherings in the planning stages, set to take place this autumn and all promising to be events not to be missed.

  • StarmegaDO 2010 (SMD2) Nov 1-6, 2010 Masterthread — This event was so successful last year that FlyerTalk members are already lining up in droves for the event, as it promises to be just as exciting this year. Destinations include Frankfurt, Houston, Phoenix and Paine Field at Boeing in the Pacific Northwestern part of the United States. This event is set to coincide with the recently-announced establishment of the Frequent Traveler Awards ceremony — replacing the now-defunct Freddie Awards — in Houston, Texas.
  • Chicago Seminar DO October 2010 — While a specific date has not been confirmed, a powerfully incredible line-up of eleven seminars promises this event to be a rousing success. Speakers include several webloggers, FlyerTalk legends, and experts on everything from “mileage runs” to rental cars.
  • Delta 2010 DO Update — In only three short days with virtually no attempt to advertise this event with no specific dates or schedule definitively set as of yet, 143 people already expressed interest to attend this event in which the limit of attendees was capped at 60. Links to the event last year explain why the event this year is so wildly popular.

2 thoughts on “Three FlyerTalk Gatherings That Need No Promotion or Advertising”

  1. Dan says:

    Cough. Cough. BRT??

  2. Thanks for mentioning these events. It would be a shame if somebody missed these opportunities

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