Three People Reportedly Killed in Christmas Airplane Crash in Myanmar

A reported engine fire was supposedly the catalyst of an emergency landing of an Air Bagan Fokker 100 aircraft, which crashed in Myanmar — also known as Burma — only a few kilometers from the airport in Heho, killing at least three people and injuring at least 11 people. It is unknown at this time whether any FlyerTalk members were amongst the passengers.
A child who was 11 years old is believed to be one of the three fatalities.
There were reportedly 63 passengers aboard the aircraft when the pilot allegedly attempted to land on a road that was thought to be a runway in foggy weather before the aircraft finally came to rest in a rice paddy field. After passengers were safely evacuated by the flight crew, the aircraft then reportedly burned in a fire after the rear end separated from the rest of the aircraft.
A motorcyclist on the road was one of the fatalities reported.
FlyerTalk member Goldorak narrowly avoided being one of the victims of this incident, having been a passenger on Air Bagan twice in recent days with the last flight occurring only four days ago. Additionally, there is genuine concern of the possibility of fellow FlyerTalk members having been on this flight as a result of a popular “mileage run” airfare in the first class cabin originating in Rangoon, but that is unknown at this time.
Additional details are unclear at the time this article was posted, but FlyerTalk members are currently discussing this incident as more information becomes available.

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