Three Women Removed From Flight at Palm Beach International Airport

To three women, “Go. There’s Nothing Stopping You” — which is the official slogan of AirTran — has a whole new meaning after they were removed from an AirTran aircraft at Palm Beach International Airport.
The attorney, therapist and retired travel agent were on AirTran flight 1451 before its departure to White Plains in New York when they had an argument with an allegedly rude AirTran flight attendant over how he was handling their supposedly fragile luggage already stored in the overhead bin. The flight attendant claims that the women were interrupting his responsibilities as a flight attendant and initiated the verbal confrontation, which led to the women being escorted off of the aircraft by armed deputies of the sheriff of Palm Beach County, as well as by airline staff.
The women were not charged or cited with anything.
The airline reportedly paid for the women to fly to White Plains and supposedly offered them two free tickets for a future AirTran flight, which prompted this response by one of the women: “Well, I think they flatter themselves to think we’d want to fly AirTran again.”
How did this argument become a confrontation and get all blown out of proportion? Should the flight attendant have been removed from the aircraft instead of the three passengers? Could the customer service of the airline have been improved in any way? The answers to these and other questions are asked by FlyerTalk members in a discussion pertaining to this situation.

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