Tijuana-Tokyo or Fairbanks-Frankfurt: Nonstop Flights?!?

There are some rather Obscure nonstop city pairs – past and present posted by FlyerTalk members, some of which may make sense, but others which have everyone scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Here are some examples of strange nonstop city pairs, according to content posted by FlyerTalk members:

  • Amman – Addis Abbaba
  • Stord – Gdansk
  • Tehran – Caracas
  • Comox – Puerto Vallarta
  • Easter Island – Papeete
  • Riga – Dushanbe
  • Grand Rapids – Myrtle Beach
  • Ulan Bator – Berlin

Useless bonus points are awarded to those who can guess which of the above nonstop routes are now defunct and which ones still exist. Even more useless bonus points are awarded to those who can explain why those airline routes even came into existence in the first place…

One thought on “Tijuana-Tokyo or Fairbanks-Frankfurt: Nonstop Flights?!?”

  1. David says:

    the Tehran – Caracas was/is a political thing. The leaders of Iran and Venezuela got together and pronounced that having nonstop flights between their respective countries would be cool.

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