To Where is the Most Obscure Place You Have Been?

I have been to the home of FlyerTalk member obscure2k. Does that count?

Actually, FlyerTalk member gt_croz asks this question in the What’s the most obscure place you’ve been to? thread.

In response, FlyerTalk members have been to such places around the world as far away (or as close by) as Lamu, Ochopee, Merzouga, Dhahran, Sanpokumura, Nagri, Esquipulas, Suzdal, Kribi, Kashgar, Korhogo, Armento, Afsin, Anegada, Cabinda, Cochiguaz, Zipolite, Shkodra, Plzen, Bamfield, Bhramanburia, Peshawar, Madurai, Arviat, Jahore Bahru, Biak, Svalbard, Pig — and even Hell!

Of course, as a FlyerTalk member, you know exactly where these places are located — correct?

If not, you could create a guessing game out of this — but perhaps a better idea is to read the What’s the most obscure place you’ve been to? thread and find out!

After reading the entire thread, your next assignment is to go to these obscure places. Find out what airlines and airline routes you need to get to these places, and then find a place to stay. I wonder where is the nearest Hilton hotel to Korhogo…

By the way, does the portion of my attic that is above the shower in my bathroom count? Very few people have ever been there…

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