To Which Countries Should You Travel While On a Budget?

Regardless of the value of the currency of your home country, there is usually someplace in the world where goods and services are a great value.

Where can two people enjoy meals, complete with beverages, where the most expensive of the meals came to a total of US$13 for two? In which country can one stay for US$300 for 11 days, which included guesthouses with hot water, private guides, meals, and a few beers daily? Where can one get one of the finest steaks in the world with a bottle of wine for US$15?  For that same US$15, where can two people eat a three-course meal, but probably not for much longer? Where can one secure a hotel room for US$20 per night?

In other words, where is the Cheapest country in the world?

One may be surprised at some of the contenders on the list, but one may not be surprised that there is no one country that is definitively the least expensive to a traveler…

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