Toeing The Line at an Airport Lounge Can Hurt!

FlyerTalk member mrviognier found out that getting injured at the American Airlines Admiral’s Club can be a rather painful step in the wrong direction.

Although the lounge staff was professional, diligent and quick in responding to the toe of mrviognier getting injured, is mrviognier entitled to compensation?

The discussion quickly evolves into other topics, including whether or not sandals are appropriate footwear for travel as an airline passenger, and whether it was the entire toe that was ripped off of the foot of mrviognier, the nail of the toe, or something else entirely.

What do you think other FlyerTalk members posted when they opined? On whom are they fingering the blame? Who should foot the bill for the injury? Is anyone solely responsible for the incident? Get instep by finding out in the My Left Foot: Getting Hurt @ ORD Admiral’s Club…Suggestions? thread.

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