Toothpaste Tube Bomb Threat Warning to Airlines During Winter Olympic Games

Could tubes of toothpaste NOT be in your future when traveling over the next couple of weeks — or longer? Photograph by FlyerTalk member jammed. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by jammed.

Although not aware of any specific threat at this time, officials of the Department of Homeland Security of the United States have issued a warning to airlines of several countries with flights traveling to Russia for the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi to be on the lookout for toothpaste containers which have the potential to contain ingredients used to construct an explosive device aboard an airplane.
FlyerTalk members who support the repeal of the limitations of transporting liquids through airport security checkpoints are concerned that the Transportation Security Administration may consider banning all tubes of toothpaste from passing through airport security checkpoints in order to keep you and I safe whenever we travel, using words such as moron and stupid to describe this official warning.
This is not the first time toothpaste has had a brush with airport security. Sink your teeth into how a tube of toothpaste reportedly caused the closing of Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York for approximately 90 minutes last year because it was considered a “suspicious package” as a result of it being wrapped in duct tape (which has so many different uses).
The warning issued earlier today from the Department of Homeland Security is in addition to the travel alert issued last month by officials of the United States Department of State for American citizens to remain vigilant when traveling to Sochi, as terrorists have supposedly called for attacks on the Winter Olympic Games; and the alert reminded travelers that the quality and standards for medical care in the region “differ substantially from Western standards.”
I suppose that the Department of Homeland Security — oh, how I despise that name — deserves a plaque for proactively protecting people from the crest of terrorist activity by squeezing out every warning that officials from that agency can possibly issue. After all, there is no sense in leaving even the smallest cavity of an opening to nefarious activity when there is the potential of flossing out the terrorists — and after greater than ten years, we should all know the drill by now…
…but even the Department of Homeland Security cannot protect visitors to Sochi from what is being called by FlyerTalk members a “hotel nightmare” with bizarre toilet configurations and yellow water with which you might think twice about using when brushing your teeth — even if you had toothpaste. Reports from journalists already in Sochi apparently already confirm their hilarious and gross findings.
Even without these issues, some FlyerTalk members were so furious and livid back in July of last year that they not only intended to either cancel their plans to travel to Russia or avoid visiting that country altogether in the foreseeable future, but also sign petitions and consider boycotting the Winter Olympic games in Sochi during February of 2014 as a result of Vladimir Putin — who is the president of Russia — having signed what became a controversial law which contained a provision allowing the government to arrest and detain up to 14 days foreigners who declare that they are gay
…but pertaining to the toothpaste and yellow water issues, this could be a potentially lucrative business opportunity for dentists who plan to attend the Olympic Winter Games of 2014…

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