Tragedy Strikes a Fellow Frequent Flier; Please Help With a Simple Favor

B oth the step-daughter and seven-week-old grandchild of a fellow frequent flier had been killed by the father of the baby — and the father of the baby then turned the gun on himself.

This sudden tragedy left the frequent flier in question and his family in shock; and the reasons as to why this happened are unknown at this time.

Because he posted in a restricted forum on FlyerTalk, I do not want to reveal his identity; but he did place the following request:

The reason that I have made this post is that I hope someone might know of an online support group for parents of murdered children. I did a little search, but all I could find was lobbying organizations, the kind where they want you to pay $75 to have your child’s name added to an online memorial wall. I just don’t have the energy at this time to make the search.

You may ask why I am posting this at all – I find it is a little comforting to talk about the tragedy and my feelings about it. I’m by myself here other than a few cruising friends in the area, so I am seeking some support. If you know of some online support forums where I can share my story with people who have suffered similar tragedies, I might get some help in coping.

Tonight be sure to look at your children as you never had, and give them a hug on behalf of my wife and myself, our daughter, and her infant son.

Can you help with this simple request of finding a support forum on the Internet where this person can share his tragic situation with others who have unfortunately endured similar experiences? I do not personally know of any — so I am reaching out to you.

I have posted stories at The Gate over the years pertaining to individual members of FlyerTalk, hoping to be of help to them when they are in need or request assistance. This is one habit of which I have no plan to break — with the exception that I intend to also include fellow frequent fliers who are not members of FlyerTalk. We are a relatively small group of people who may have our differences at times — but when tragedy strikes, it is amazing what we can do together.

Please let me know where he can go on the Internet to help him through this horrible time; and I will pass this information on to him.

Thank you in advance…

…and please be sure to fulfill his other request: that you be sure to look at your children as soon as possible — as you never had before — and give them a big loving hug on behalf of his wife and himself; their daughter; and her infant son.

10 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes a Fellow Frequent Flier; Please Help With a Simple Favor”

  1. Carl P says:

    There is a group Parents of Murdered Children. I have emailed them to see if they know of an online group or if they have anything like that.

    They have an “Ask the experts” section, but that seems more for specific questions rather than an open forum.

    I’ll let you know what I hear.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I appreciate it, Carl P. Thank you so much!

      I look forward to the results of you finding out additional information…

      1. Carl P says:

        What I posted below isn’t from their reply, but it looks like it has possibilities.

  2. Carl P says:
    The Compassionate Friends – Supporting Family After a Child Dies
    The above is the link to their online support with “virtual chapters”


    Contact Us


    Sign Up For National Publications

    En Español

    Toll-Free: 877.969.0010

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I passed the information onwards, Carl P. Thank you so much!

  3. Carl P says:

    I pasted more than I meant to. Ignore from “Go” on (except maybe the phone number).

  4. antignos says:


    I read this, I then called my 6 year old son into the room to hug him for 5 minutes non-stop. This is one of the single worst things I can imagine and I applaud you for trying to help. I wish I knew of a place or a group to send him to. My wife spends a lot of time with kids and knows of a lot of groups for kids dealing with cancer, but this is different animal. Please tell the fellow frequent flyer he is not alone and he will always be in our prayers.


    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Thank you so much, Paul — especially for hugging your son; and I have passed your message onwards.

      I personally cannot even begin to imagine the extent of the tragedy that this frequent flier is currently going through…

  5. Carl P says:

    FYI. I haven’t heard anything back from the Parents of Murdered Children group.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      That is unfortunate, Carl P. You would think that they would be more responsive to help a fellow person in a similar situation to the members of their group.

      Thank you again for reaching out.

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