Transportation Security Administration Takes a Powder?

Typically, “taking a powder” is slang for leaving, and there are many FlyerTalk members would be happy to see the Transportation Security Administration — or TSA — leave the airport security business for good.

That will not happen anytime soon.

What could happen instead is that Transportation Security Administration officers may in the near future request that a container with powder be opened in order to complete the security screening at an airport security checkpoint. There allegedly will not be a new blanket prohibition of powders like the one that is currently being enforced with liquids. Rather, one might be subjected to additional screening if one has powders or granular substances in one’s baggage…

and you thought liquid checks were bad

14 thoughts on “Transportation Security Administration Takes a Powder?”

  1. Steve Kalman says:

    Let’s see, what could go wrong??

    Powder is really grandpa’s ashes, get spilled.

    Powder is dangerous (anthrax?) people get killed.

    Powder is harmless, just another annoyance for which there is no benefit.

    It doesn’t even make good security theatre.

  2. joe says:

    awesome! the TSA is SO effin smart! so, if I have this correct, they’re going to make passengers open up containers of powder at security checkpoints?? And what if someone does decide to take anthrax or some airborne pathogen with them, then the TSA asks them to “open up your vial, please sir”?? the TSA will be doing the terrorists’ job FOR them! heckuva job, guys!
    go watch “12 Monkeys” again.

  3. Wendy Booz says:

    Oh, I give up. Why don’t they just insist that we all strip naked before we go through security? Between the shoes and the underwired bras and the invisible piercings and everything else they check for, let’s just go all the way.

  4. CruiserTwelve says:

    Let them all walk or shoot them

  5. Eric says:

    Enough trampling on our freedom! In fact, it’s about time they restored some of the ones that were taken away. You don’t have to be so thorough and microscopic to catch terrorists.

  6. madddddddddddddddddd says:

    sometimes i bring cocaine on a plane…. will that still be ok?

  7. WILLOBIE says:

    Reason #666 why I’ll never fly again. I’ll grab a cooler full of water bottles and my Gold Bond anti-chafing powder and drive there.

  8. Chedz says:

    My wife and I recently took a shuttle flight from Dusseldorf, Germany to Paris, France, and she had her “Shower to Shower” bath powder confiscated and trashed as it posed a security threat. She also had the various cosmetics she had taken and also disposed of (odd since they were allowed through US and our initial German security checks). The one item they allowed her to keep – toothpaste in the large tube. I guess nobody would think to stuff a tube of toothpaste with anything explosive. Duh.

  9. Trollkiller says:

    “Wendy Booz Says:
    Oh, I give up. Why don’t they just insist that we all strip naked before we go through security?”

    No need to have you strip, what do you think the MMW & Backscatter Whole Body Imager, or as l like to call it “TSA Nude-o-Scope”, is for.

  10. flyboy says:

    Terrorists are NOT using commercial flights now…
    They get free rides from the rich supporters of terrorism on private or leased aircraft that don’t have to put up with the TSA BS you face.
    But the government can rub it all in your face and say what a good job they have done fighting terrorism! So now grandma will have her compact confiscated along with her knitting needles and ben-gay…

  11. Stuff Man says:

    Cocaine is fine as long as you do it all BEFORE going through security…….

  12. anastasia says:

    So apparently NO ONE from the TSA has watched 12 Monkeys? (funny, thought that would have been required training for the job…..)

  13. Moomin Papa says:

    Meh. They dump all the toxic flammable explosive liquids in bins next to the most populated places in airports anyway. Why not add an airborne pathogen to the list?

    Honestly, if a confiscated liquid gets dumped next to the security line and it goes up (unlikely in itself) it would have the maximum effect on the travellers it was targeting without the need for all that messy airplane business.

  14. Bromley says:

    You should make a little tinychat room for your blog, I’d love to see what you and your readers look and sound like haha

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