Travel Advisory for Tropical Storm Andrea

The storm track expected for Tropical Storm Andrea as of late afternoon on Thursday, June 6, 2013. Weather map courtesy of The Weather Channel. Click on the weather map for more information pertaining to Tropical Storm Andrea from The Weather Channel.

If you plan on traveling along the entire east coast of the United States, your travel might be impacted by Tropical Storm Andrea due to heavy rainfall, strong winds, thunderstorms, flooding and possible tornadoes.
Cities expected to be impacted by Tropical Storm Andrea through Saturday morning include Tampa, Raleigh, Syracuse, Atlanta, Fort Myers, Charleston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Richmond, New York, Halifax, Boston and Washington, D.C.
Several tornadoes have already been reported in the Tampa and Miami areas of Florida as well as Gulfport in Mississippi.
Some flights operated by Delta Air Lines are reported by FlyerTalk members to already been either delayed or cancelled due to the weather.
If you have air travel plans involving any location along the east coast of the United States through Saturday, June 8, 2013, please be sure to check with the carrier operating your flight before you depart.

2 thoughts on “Travel Advisory for Tropical Storm Andrea”

  1. craz says:

    Id like to add, if you have any flight from anywhere you should check with your airline.The plane for MSP-PHX might have been inbounding say from ATL/LGA etc and if its delayed or CXed so can the flights it was supoose to operate as onwards from there
    So it can be 80 degrees and sunny in MSP and yet your flight was CXed out of MSP as a WX, since it never left ATL or wherever it was Inbounding from due to WX

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      That is excellent advice, craz. Thank you!

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