Travel Alert April 2018: American Airlines Reroutes Some Flights to Asia

If you are traveling as a passenger on an airplane operated by American Airlines from the United States to or from Asia, know that a travel waiver is in effect through Saturday, April 21, 2018; and Saturday, May 5, 2018 is the last day on which tickets must be reissued and rebooked travel must begin without having to pay a fee to change your flight, as that has been waived.

Travel Alert April 2018: American Airlines Reroutes Some Flights to Asia

Affected flights are those to, through or from Beijing or Hong Kong — specifically, three flights separate flights: Dallas to Hong Kong; Dallas to Beijing; and Chicago to Beijing — and more may be affected in the coming days due to increased tensions between Russia and the United States as a result of military strikes on Syria.

A chemical attack allegedly occurred, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people and the suffering of hundreds more. The purpose of the military action — of which France and the United Kingdom joined the United States — was in retaliation for chemical weapons allegedly used by the government in Syria.

Russia is a supporter of Bashar Assad, who is the current president of Syria and denies that the chemical attack ever occurred. Assad and his government have been mired in a deadly and protracted conflict since 2011 with fighters who are resisting the government — and elements of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which is also known as ISIS — and members of Russian armed forces have backed Assad, which has resulted in casualties amongst their troops.


Air France has reportedly decided to alter flight paths on flights to Tel Aviv and Beirut; flights operated by EasyJet from Tel Aviv will also be rerouted; and flights operated by Middle East Airlines — which is based in Lebanon — are also temporarily being rerouted.

Do not be surprised if additional airlines issue travel alerts within the next week or so if tensions escalate further between Russia and the United States. At the time that this article was written, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have no travel waivers issued which are related to this situation.

Still, be sure to contact your airline or transportation provider for the latest information pertaining to your travels — if they are adversely affected — and please: travel safely.

Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

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