Travel Alert: Disruptions Due to Major Winter Storm During Thanksgiving Holiday Week

This weather map illustrates how a low pressure system could wreak havoc on your travel plans — especially if you are traveling anywhere in the eastern third of the United States or southeastern Canada. Weather map courtesy of AccuWeather. Click on the weather map above to access the official Internet web site of

It appears as though travel will be a big turkey for millions of travelers due to expected inclement weather conditions from a major winter storm across much of the eastern third of the United States and southeastern Canada on Tuesday, November 26 and Wednesday, November 27, 2013.
Heavy rains are expected in cities such as Atlanta, Knoxville, Boston, New Orleans, Nashville, New York, Tallahassee, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Orlando and Washington; while snow is expected in cities such as Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Buffalo, Toronto and Montréal. Ice is expected in cities such as Roanoke and Winston-Salem; while coastal flooding is expected along the coast of New England. Gusty winds are expected in many of these locations as well.
If you are traveling to the areas of the United States and Canada affected by this storm, expect delays. Keep up to date on the latest information pertaining to this developing storm which may adversely affect your travel plans. Better yet, postponing or canceling your trip might be a better option — no matter which mode of travel you plan on taking.
If you have a flight scheduled, your flight may be delayed or canceled — and you may be eligible for a waiver of a fee to change your itinerary. If you are driving, watch out for deteriorating weather conditions and traffic problems. Expect the operation of trains to be interrupted as well.
You may experience delays or cancellations even if you are not traveling to the affected areas of the United States or Canada.
Here is a list of discussions posted on FlyerTalk pertaining to this storm to help keep you informed — and do not be surprised if additional discussions are posted in other forums:

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