Tower Bridge and the Thames River London
Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

Travel Alert July 2022: Record Heat Wave Roasts Western Europe

Türkiye has not been roasted — yet, anyway...

Western Europe is currently enveloped in an intense heat wave, whose temperatures have been shattering weather records and has been blamed for greater than 1,000 deaths in Spain and Portugal and resulted in wildfires in France that has forced thousands of people to evacuate.

Travel Alert July 2022: Record Heat Wave Roasts Western Europe

The heat — which extends from the Iberian peninsula all the way to the western portions of Germany, Austria, and Italy — was intense enough to cause the lone runway at London Luton Airport to close temporarily yesterday, Monday, July 18, 2022, according to this message which was posted at the official Twitter account of the airport:

Following today’s high temperatures, a surface defect was identified on the runway. Engineers were called immediately to site and repair works are currently in progress to resume operations as soon as possible.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The repair of the runway was essential after high surface temperatures caused a small section of the runway to lift.

The runway eventually resumed operations once the repairs were completed by engineers, as it opened to departing flights six hours and 18 minutes after it was closed; and the runway was fully operational an additional 45 minutes afterwards to both arriving and departing flights.

No trains were running north of London today, Tuesday, July 19, 2022, according to this message which was posted at the official Twitter account of Thameslink.

A red warning for extreme heat was in effect earlier today, Tuesday, July 19, 2022 across a large swath of the interior of England — which included London — by Met Office, which is the official weather service of the United Kingdom.

Source: Met Office.

The high temperature in Coningsby in England reportedly reached 104.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 40.3 degrees Celsius earlier today…

…and if that reading is confirmed, Coningsby may possibly “win” the record for highest temperature ever recorded in the United Kingdom — even though that mark was purportedly broken three times within one day.

Final Boarding Call

Although airlines claim that flights are operating as normal — or, at least, as normal as possible — and not have issued any official travel waivers, expect delays and cancellations as long as this heat wave persists, which should not be much longer as relatively cooler air with lower temperatures is expected to arrive later this week…

…and even if flights are operating normally, other modes of transportation — such as rail as one example — are experiencing delays and cancellations as well. Additionally, some businesses may be temporarily closed as well.

If you planned on traveling to, from, or within Western Europe over the next few days, consider either changing or canceling your plans if doing so is at all possible to avoid the disruptions which are currently being caused by this heat wave.

Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

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