Source: Dallas Love Field.

Travel Alert July 25 2022: Ground Stop at Dallas Love Field Due to Gun Shots Fired

This event could have been much worse.

Editor’s Note: At approximately 4:00 in the afternoon Central Daylight Time, operations at Dallas Love Field resumed. You are encouraged to check directly with their airline for the latest updates on your flight status.

Flight operations at Dallas Love Field have been suspended until further notice due to gun shots which were fired by a female suspect at the airport — although reports indicate that the shots were fired into the ceiling; and the only person who was injured was the suspect herself as a result of law enforcement officers “neutralizing the threat”.

Travel Alert July 25 2022: Ground Stop at Dallas Love Field Due to Gun Shots Fired

According to this message which was posted at the official Twitter site of Dallas Love Field, “Passengers should refrain from coming to Dallas Love Field at this time as flight operations have been suspended. Travelers should check directly with their airline for the latest updates on their flight status. Thank you for your patience.”

In addition, this official statement which was released is as follows:

Statement from Dallas Love Field:

At approximately 11:23 a.m. Monday, July 25, the Dallas Police Department reported and immediately responded to shots fired in the Dallas Love Field terminal. An evacuation and shelter-in-place commenced as DPD investigated, confirmed, and neutralized the single, shooter threat. At this time, no other injuries have been reported. Operations are currently suspended and passengers have been cleared from the sterile portion of the terminal for rescreening by TSA. Operations will resume once DPD has concluded its investigation. Please contact the Dallas Police Media Relations Office with any other inquiries regarding the incident.

The unidentified suspect — who is 37 years of age — was dropped off at the airport, went into a public washroom, changed clothes, exited the washroom wearing a hoodie, allegedly pulled out a gun, and started firing several shots towards the ceiling.

Additional information pertaining to this event is found at the official Facebook site of the Dallas Police Department.

Southwest Airlines — whose main hub is Dallas Love Field — issued this travel advisory:

Due to an ongoing investigation regarding a security event, our operations at Dallas Love Field (DAL) may be disrupted for the remainder of today, Monday, July 25 (flights may be delayed and/or canceled).

Customers holding reservations to/from/through Dallas Love Field today, July 25, and want to alter their travel plans may rebook in the original class of service or travel standby (within 14 days of their original date of travel between the original city-pairs and in accordance with our accommodation procedures) without paying any additional charge.

Final Boarding Call

If you are scheduled to travel from or to Dallas Love Field today or tomorrow, check with your airline to keep yourself updated as to the latest developments which may affect your itinerary.

Source: Dallas Love Field.

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