Travel Alert: Northeastern United States Expected to Be Impacted by Major Snowstorm

This is the projected forecast of snowfall expected in the northeastern United States this weekend, with the snow expected to start this evening. Weather map courtesy of The Weather Channel.

If you are planning to travel to or be in the northeastern United States and extreme eastern Canada within the next few days, you may want to consider changing your plans as a powerful winter storm is expected to wreak havoc on virtually every form of travel, with some locations expecting up to as much as two feet of snow under blizzard conditions.
Cities expected to be affected by this winter storm include but are not limited to Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Burlington, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Syracuse, Portland and Providence — and the snow is expected to start later tonight in some locations.
Discussions pertaining to this particular major snowstorm have already been launched on FlyerTalk in the following forums:

Expect additional discussions to appear over the next few days.
Check with your airline for alerts or travel waivers if the origination or destination location of your travel is expected to be affected by this storm. Be proactive about avoiding unnecessary delays for yourself. Most importantly of all: stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Travel Alert: Northeastern United States Expected to Be Impacted by Major Snowstorm”

  1. corruptcanadian says:

    but it magically misses Canada and no flights will be impacted there either…maybe we should have a FlyerTalk Canada for the readers there too…or we should just include everyone

  2. Brian Cohen says:

    Canada was not forgotten…in fact – in all fairness – not only did I already mention Canada when I first posted this, but the following discussions on FlyerTalk were not launched yet when this entry was posted:

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