Travel Alert: More Winter Weather Woes For the Northeastern United States

This weather map illustrates how much snow has fallen through today as a result of the winter storm which affected the northeastern United States yesterday and today and caused the cancellations of thousands of flights. Weather map courtesy of AccuWeather. Click on the weather map above to access the official Internet web site of

Greater than 7,000 flights have already been delayed as a result of the latest round of winter weather to impact the northeastern United States, where snowfall accumulation totaled as much as 15 inches in some locations — and FlyerTalk members have definitely been affected, as evidenced in the following discussions listed below:

Flight delays are expected to continue through today; so if you have a flight scheduled, your flight could be delayed or canceled — and you may be eligible for a waiver of a fee to change your itinerary.
Snow fell in at least 15 states due to this latest winter storm. Numerous locations received record snowfall for any January 21: for example, New York received an accumulation of eleven inches of snow; while Philadelphia was socked with 13.5 inches of snow…
…and if that is not bad enough, another deep freeze is expected in many locations of the eastern United States and eastern Canada. In fact, portions of southern Florida have experienced frost yesterday and will continue to be relatively cold today; so if you plan to escape the bitter cold, do not expect to be lounging at poolside sipping a piña colada under a palm tree while attempting to avoid sunburn, as the low temperature in Miami is expected to be 48 degrees Fahrenheit tonight — balmy when compared to low temperatures expected tonight of 6 degrees Fahrenheit in Boston; 0 degrees Fahrenheit in Indianapolis; -14 degrees Fahrenheit in Minneapolis; and even 22 degrees Fahrenheit in Atlanta, which is expected to experience a low temperature of only 12 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow.
By the way, those are actual temperatures — not the wind chills, which are expected to be dangerously cold due to significant winds. For example, that actual expected low temperature of -14 degrees Fahrenheit in Minneapolis tonight should feel more like 31 degrees below zero Fahrenheit because of the winds.
Because of the frigid cold temperatures expected for the remainder of this week, expect flight delays due to the deicing of aircraft, which could affect the departure and arrival times of flights at airports unaffected by the winter weather.
Spring is only two months away in the northern hemisphere — or perhaps you would like to travel to Sydney, where the high temperature is expected to be 79 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of summer on January 23…

6 thoughts on “Travel Alert: More Winter Weather Woes For the Northeastern United States”

  1. sdsearch says:

    The FlyerTalk landing page (which is how I got here) says Northwest, but the map and this page says Northeast. Who does the proofreading on this stuff???

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I can assure you that I have nothing to do with what is posted on the landing “page” of FlyerTalk, sdsearch. However, I do proofread everything which I post here at The Gate — although admittedly I do not catch every error…
      …and this article does pertain to the northeastern United States.

  2. DLroads says:

    It’s been crazy weather wise to travel this week. Single digits Fahrenheit (-18 or so Celsius), and the de-icing lines work overtime at JFK and LGA. My best advise is stay home unless you have a good excuse 🙂

  3. craz says:

    Tell me about it, I left SGN Tues morn and didnt get back to NY till late yesterday afternoon. My SFO-JFK flight kept getting switched then delayed then CXed. 1st time I saw it was in HKG. At SFO got them to fly me down to LAX to catch the 4pm flight which was delayed to 1:30am then @ 7pm CXed (yet the red-eye went out at 1:30am) Was told nothing in F or Y till Thurs then she found a red-eye for last night then UA put a special flight on at 6am and got F.
    Worse was no air-train running and no signs explaining which bus to take to get to Howard Beach, (where my car was parked) Turns out after waiting 40 mins taht I had to take a bus to Fed Circle and then a 2nd to Long Term parking then walk 15 mins to the HB station
    Now comes Sun I have to go thru it all again as I have a JFK-SFO-HNL-OGG trip and more snow coming , worse is a major storm should hit again Super Bowl weekend

  4. happymom2008 says:

    I woke up today, in Eastlake, about 30 miles east of Cleveland, about -3F, it’s up to 7F now. Several inches on the ground. We are expecting two Alberta Clippers over the weekend.
    Expecting another polar mass Tuesday am with windchill hovering -30.
    Good friends are flying CLE-LAX this Sunday and hopefully there won’t be any delays.
    I hate winter.

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