Travel Alert: Threat of Ice, Snow, Rain and Mixed Precipitation for Northeastern United States

Interstate 75 near Interstate 285 north of Atlanta is one of the busiest highways in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area; but as of 3:39 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time on February 12, 2014, the highway is almost completely deserted — unlike the gridlock which paralyzed this and other highways two weeks ago. This winter storm is now bearing down on the northeastern United States and will potentially cause similar problems. Source: Georgia Department of Transportation.

The same winter storm which is currently wreaking havoc on the southeastern United States — greater than 2,400 flights have already been canceled for today in Atlanta alone — is aiming for the northeastern United States, where locations can receive up to 18 inches of snow accumulation and gusty winds.

FlyerTalk members who planned on traveling through the end of this week will definitely be affected, as evidenced in the following discussions listed below:


Portions of at least four provinces in Canada will be impacted by this winter storm, which has already affected locations in at least 27 states in the eastern United States.

Flight delays are expected to continue through at least Friday, February 14, 2014; so if you have a flight scheduled, your flight could be delayed or canceled — and you may be eligible for a waiver of a fee to change your itinerary. Check with the airline which operates your flight, just to be certain about your travel plans.

Meanwhile, much of the southeastern United States is still being affected by this winter storm, with ice accumulating in many locations, snow of up to ten inches deep in locations which normally do not experience snowfall regularly, and thunderstorms across central and northern Florida. Unlike the gridlock which occurred in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area two weeks ago due to a different winter storm which stranded FlyerTalk members, this time the roads and highways are basically deserted.

The good news is that temperatures are expected to moderate in much of the eastern United States — meaning that a significant amount of the snow and ice should melt either over the weekend or early next week.

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  1. Stratoflyer says:

    Is it true that 18 pax were removed from UL Flight # 5934 at State College, PA, before it took off for Chicago last night? I looked up the flight and the plane was listed as an E145L and I believe that plane seats 50 pax. Seems like a lot of weight to have to take off the plane just to get enough fuel onboard to fly to Chicago.

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