Travel Journal School Project: Your Assistance is Requested

This is a favor for the niece of FlyerTalk member flygirl555, whom I will quote directly from the 2007-2008 Travel Journal for School Project – Can you help? thread:

“My niece, who is in the 4th grade, has an interesting school assignment. To learn about world geography, each student created a “travel journal” to send to friends and family.

Upon receiving the journal, the recipient is requested to send a postcard or small souvenir to the child (c/o the classroom) and write a short paragraph about their hometown. In late April (or when the travel journal is full – whichever comes first), the travel journal should be returned to the class so all the students can read all the stories and track where the journal has been. As each postcard arrives, they will put push-pins in a map.

Since we love to travel, she is starting the journal with us…

I know it would be exciting for her if her journal traveled to the most exotic places. It would also be fun for our community too – if we could use this thread to track the journal as it makes it’s way around the world once or twice or more…

To receive the journal, please post a message below (so we can track where the journal is going next) and pm the person above with your contact information so they will know where to send the journal upon receipt.

Thanks, in advance, for your help with this project!

Happy travels travel journal!”

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