Travel Trivia and Road Network Information

In response to what FlyerTalk member GreerApproach just posted in this “blog” today, I felt compelled to introduce two FlyerTalk threads: The FlyerTalk Travel Trivia Forum and The FlyerTalk Road Network Forum threads.

Yes, I am to blame for launching both of them — but please allow me to explain my rationale.

I launched The FlyerTalk Travel Trivia Forum thread because I felt that the more one knew about geographic locations and places in the world, the more one would feel compelled to travel to them. For example, while it is not exactly an obsession of mine, I try to be in the northernmost place or the highest place or the oldest place in the world or that part of the world. Knowing how obsessive many FlyerTalk members can be, I figured who better than to ask and answer trivia questions than fellow FlyerTalk members?

As for The FlyerTalk Road Network Forum thread, that was a “spin-off” of all of the highway and road questions asked in The FlyerTalk Travel Trivia Forum thread. For road aficianados such as me, I believed that a thread dedicated primarily to roads and highways around the world was needed.

There you have it.

Next time you want to know about, ask or answer some travel trivia in general or pertaining to roads and highways, please stop by and visit one or both of the aforementioned FlyerTalk threads.

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