Photograph ©2015 by Kathy Kass.

Tread Carefully on Treadmills in Hotel Fitness Centers

“I  have reviewed fitness centers all over the world. I look at various factors: air, space, light, cleanliness and equipment, among other things.  If the equipment is not kept in good working order and good repair — it is beyond useless — it can be outright dangerous. Or even deadly.”

Kathy Kass of Will Run For Miles was compelled to write this article in response to a freak accident where David Goldberg — who was the chief executive officer of SurveyMonkey — died as a result of what was thought to be head trauma after he apparently fell off a treadmill in a fitness center at a hotel property in Mexico…

…but according to this article from CBS News, autopsy results suggest that Goldberg had a heart arrhythmia which may have contributed to his death.

Regardless of the cause, the safety of exercise equipment at fitness centers within hotel and resort properties have been in the spotlight; and Kathy — who is an attorney as well as an avid runner — examined possible issues associated with the safety of treadmills and other exercise equipment. If you use exercise equipment in fitness centers located within hotel and resort properties, please consider reading her article.

As for me, I am not an expert on this topic by any means, as I believe in exercising for a purpose and not simply for the sake of exercising. One example is the time last year where I walked slightly greater than an hour from Terminal 1 at the international airport which serves Las Vegas to the Mandalay Bay hotel property, whose walking distance is slightly greater than three miles. I prefer walking and bicycle riding any day over jogging and running, which basically means that I avoid gyms. I would probably rather watch grass grow than run on a treadmill; but I have no problem walking outside at least ten miles at a time.

Hmm…perhaps that could be the name of a new weblog I should write: either Ten Miles at a Time or Will Walk For Miles

Photograph ©2015 by Kathy Kass.

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