Tropical Storm Vongfong Impacting Japan

I f your travel plans include Tokyo and other parts of Japan within the next few days, you will most likely need to postpone your plans.

The center of Tropical Storm Vongfong — which became the strongest tropical system on earth in 2014, according to this article by Eric Leister of AccuWeather — occurred very late this past Saturday, October 11, 2014 and brought high winds to Okinawa and other islands of southern Japan; and it is expected to affect Tokyo later tonight.

Landfall of this storm occurred earlier this morning on the island of Kyushu near Kagoshima.

At least 50 people were reportedly injured as a result of this storm. Fortunately, the storm — which at one time was classified as a super typhoon with a strength equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane — is expected to continue to weaken.

Japan was affected last week by Typhoon Phanfone — from which at least one person was reported dead — and was still recovering from heavy rains, strong winds and rough seas before Tropical Storm Vongfong approached the country.

Your travel plans may be impacted over the next couple of days if you plan on originating or departing from Tokyo and other cities in Japan; so please check with your airline for the latest updates, as flights have already been either delayed or canceled as a result of Tropical Storm Vongfong.

I am currently in Seoul and had no idea that there was a tropical system within a few hundred miles from here; so I apologize for not reporting this sooner. The weather here today has been windy; but skies have been clear, humidity has been low, and temperatures have been rather comfortable — in my opinion, anyway…

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2 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Vongfong Impacting Japan”

  1. Matteo says:

    I’m in Tokyo and moderate rain now but worse is early 14th morning 1am-6am.JST
    Okinawa and Shikoku took the brunt of the storm and many flights have been canceled these past few days.
    Shinkansen from Nagoya and Osaka were suspended from 16:00JST today and some from 20:00JST today.
    Forecast shows sunny in Tokyo tomorrow afternoon.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Thank you so much for the update, Matteo. I appreciate it — and stay safe!

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