TSA Agent Mistakes Pepper Spray for Laser Pointer; Six Sent to Hospital

Finding a canister on the floor and thinking that it was an electric laser pointer, an agent of the Transportation Security Administration allegedly decided to play around with it with five fellow agents and wound up spraying pepper spray from the device — resulting in all six Transportation Security Administration agents being sent to the hospital.

TSA Agent Mistakes Pepper Spray for Laser Pointer; Six Sent to Hospital

The device was found on the floor at the security checkpoint at Terminal 2 of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, where screening was reportedly halted for a minimum of 15 minutes.

The Transportation Security Administration agent who caused the incident reportedly refused medical attention after all six agents were transported to Jamaica Hospital in Queens as a precaution.

A spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration reportedly explained the incident euphemistically as “Officers were examining an abandoned item to determine its contents and to move it out of harm’s way when it accidentally discharged.”

Yeah — right. Thank you for saving our lives.

I wonder how much this escapade cost the taxpayers in total.

The job title of the purported official LinkedIn Internet web site of the Transportation Security Administration agent who allegedly mistook a pepper spray canister for a laser pointer reads as follows:
Federal Officer at Department of Homeland Security

Hey, pal — give me a break. You are not an officer.

Let me repeat that:

You are NOT an officer.

An officer would know the difference between a pepper spray canister and a laser pointer. In fact, a real officer would know not to play with an unknown object in the first place — especially pointed towards his colleagues. What do you think — your fellow “officers” are no more intelligent than cats, hoping that they would chase that shiny red dot over anything at which you would point it?

Imagine if law enforcement officers were that careless at a drug bust. “Hey — ya know whut? Ah think ah’ll use this here white powder stuff ah found as flour and bake a nice cake for everyone an’ see whut they’ll do when they eat that them thar cake. It’ll be good eatin’ and a whooooole lotta fun!”

If you were actually an officer, you would have already been immediately discharged faster than that pepper spray. Heck — you deserve to be terminated now as a Transportation Security Administration agent. You could have needlessly injured someone — and for what?!?

I will go one step further: you would be let go on the grounds of salt and pepper — that is, assault with pepper spray. You have already proven that you are not qualified to be a seasoned officer — let alone an agent.


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