Tsunami Advisory Due to 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake in Canada

The epicenter of the earthquake — felt by residents as far away as Alaska and Washington state — is located at the Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of British Columbia. Map courtesy of Google Maps.

If you are traveling to or from Hawai’i this week, expect some flight delays, road closures, and no running water in some areas.
Flights were cancelled leaving Hawai’i as the result of a magnitude 6.3 earthquake which occurred off the coast of the province of British Columbia in Canada.
The earthquake — initially thought to be at a magnitude of 7.7 — prompted a tsunami advisory in British Columbia, southern Alaska, southern Oregon and northern California, as well as a tsunami warning in Hawai’i. The tsunami warning was downgraded to a tsunami advisory, but some beaches in Hawai’i are still closed to the public.
While a tsunami — a result of what is supposedly the strongest earthquake in Canada since 1949 — did reach the coast of Alaska, it was not significant enough to be noticeable.
There were no reports of damage or injuries because of the earthquake — as well as a magnitude 5.8 aftershock — and resulting tsunami.

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