Turndown Service: What is the Purpose?

What is the point of turndown service?

Different FlyerTalk members have different answers to this question, depending on the situation. While many FlyerTalk members enjoy and look forward to the turndown service on an international flight in the premium class cabin where they depart for the lavatory from their seat — only to return and find that their airplane seat resembles a comfortable bed — FlyerTalk members are rather divided on turndown service in hotel rooms.

Some FlyerTalk members enjoy the inviting result of turndown service: a bed with the blanket folded over with a chocolate or two awaiting on a fluffed pillow, amongst other results of a proper turndown service. Others simply turn down the turndown service, accepting chocolates as sort of a “compensation prize” without being bothered. Still others find a turndown service invasive, including one FlyerTalk member who was frightened when she thought someone was in her hotel room because the television was on and the lighting was different than when she left the room to go out to a business dinner.

Whatever the case — pillow case, in this instance — may be, do not make a blanket statement by turning down those who turn down the turndown service…

…but what would you do if you returned to your room at the hotel or at home and found your bed to look like the Mile High Bed?

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