Ugh. Early Morning Flights. Yawwwnnn…

β€œI don’t like getting up early for flights – who is with me?” asks FlyerTalk member magiciansampras.

You know the feeling. The alarm awakens you at an hour too early for anyone or anything. It is still dark outside, and the sun will not rise for several more hours. Breakfast is not an option, especially at a hotel property. If it is winter, add the extra bonus of it being the coldest time of the day.

However, on the other hand, there is no need to worry about heavy traffic, you board the first flight of the day which is rarely delayed, you often have a better chance of being upgraded, and you arrive at your destination earlier.

The lesson here is that some FlyerTalk members would not mourn early morning flights if they were eliminated, while others seem to prefer them for various reasons…

One thought on “Ugh. Early Morning Flights. Yawwwnnn…”

  1. Heffa says:

    Any flight that takes off before 8 AM should be eliminated. πŸ™‚

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