UK travel woes

There is much gnashing and wailing on the British Airways forum lately and for good reason. It seems travel to/from/in the UK is about to get that much harder. As if the new rules introduced this year about liquids in carry-ons, only one carry-on piece (no plus personal item) and bad security queues through understaffing weren’t enough.

Read about it all in the links below.

Maximum checked baggage weight 23kgs per bag. Yup – this policy of British Airways which had been put on hold in August is now back on for February.

The Air Passenger Duty (APD) is doubling from next February. So a longhaul departure from UK will cost £80 just in APD (there are other taxes as well)! But wait, it gets worse. The APD rise will be retrospective applying based on date of travel not date of ticket purchase.

But wait, there is still more (possibly). A cabin crew union is threatening to go on strike, perhaps in February.

Oh yeah, BA have also changed the seating pre-allocation rules. Some like the changes, some loath them and many are confused.

Is this the perfect storm for UK travellers?