United Airlines Flight Diverted to Wichita Due To Deployment of Emergency Slide

The emergency slide accidentally deployed aboard a Boeing 737-724 aircraft operating as United Airlines flight 1436 from Chicago to Santa Ana. Photograph courtesy Taylor Martinez, who was a quarterback for the football team of the University of Nebraska. Click on the photograph to access its source.

“My father was on the flight”, reported FlyerTalk member DENviaLAX, pertaining to the Boeing 737-724 airplane which operated as United Airlines flight 1463 from Chicago to Santa Ana on Sunday, June 29, 2014 but was diverted to Wichita after an emergency slide inflated inside the aircraft during the flight. “All he really said was he heard a loud bang and felt the plane shake. He was up towards the front of Y though. Supposedly the door did come open slightly resulting in a small loss in cabin pressure, but he didn’t mention anything about oxygen masks. Though really he’s just more pissed about being stuck in Kansas and not being able to make it back home tonight.”
None of the 96 passengers and five members of the flight crew were injured. “In-flight slide deployments are deadly”, posted FlyerTalk member EWR764. “It is a miracle there were no passengers or crewmembers in the galley at the time of the deployment. Evac slides blow with such force and speed that anyone back there likely would have been seriously injured or worse.”
The remaining portion of the flight was cancelled, as passengers were reportedly given free lodging for the night and accommodated onto other flights.
“Actually I was waiting for someone coming in from ORD on that flight”, recalled FlyerTalk member flyinbob. “I had encouraged them to choose another flight, as in the last couple of weeks that last flight out of ORD has been cancelled and diverted (to LAX) so often it was no longer reliable. Considering this is a heavy business traveler flight, you think UA would put more effort into it.”

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