Unruly Passenger Causes Diversion of jetBlue Flight

An Airbus A320 aircraft operated by jetBlue Airways carrying 137 passengers was diverted to Denver International Airport earlier this week on its way from New York to San Diego because of the actions of a female passenger who became unruly and irate — reportedly starting an argument with the flight crew after a fellow passenger was moved to the same row as her in the premium cabin close to the front of the aircraft but without having to pay the extra $65.00 fee which she had to pay.
The man was permitted to move to the upgraded seat with extra leg room because the monitor of the in-flight entertainment system at his original seat did not operate properly, reportedly causing the 42-year-old woman to become so angry and belligerent that flight crew members were unable to calm her down. A federal air marshal reportedly intervened to assist the flight crew members.
Applause by passengers permeated the aircraft when the woman was escorted off of the aircraft and into the main terminal of the airport by Denver police officers, who questioned her.
No charges have been filed against the woman. There have been no reports of fatalities or injuries. The flight resumed, with passengers arriving at the original destination of San Diego approximately 2.5 hours later than scheduled.
The following video news report is courtesy of NBC News:

FlyerTalk member AggieNzona wonders why authorities constantly let people disrupt flights — only to never charge them. “This probably cost jetBlue $20,000”, posts AggieNzona. “People must be fined in order to stop this crazy behavior that is a daily occurrance on US airlines!”
I could not agree more. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior whatsoever. Even if the woman reacted as a result of a medical condition or suffered from some type of mental instability, appropriate steps should have been taken to prevent an outburst like the one she performed from happening.
Unless there are consequences serious enough to have a passenger think twice before acting irrationally, this behavior will most likely continue to happen by other passengers.

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