Up to 80 Percent Discount on airberlin topbonus Award Tickets

Y ou can redeem as few as 1,500 topbonus miles for award travel on one-way flights operated by airberlin traveled between Saturday, April 1, 2017 and Sunday, December 17, 2017 — although travel periods vary depending on the chosen route — but you must redeem your topbonus miles by Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 11:59 in the evening Central European Time.

Up to 80 Percent Discount on airberlin topbonus Award Tickets

There are many flights from which to choose; and redemptions of topbonus miles start from:

  • 1,500 topbonus miles within Germany — this is where you can save up to 80 percent
  • 2,500 topbonus miles within Europe — you can save up to 75 percent
  • 12,500 topbonus miles on long-haul flights — this includes flights from several cities in the United States — you can save up to 75 percent


Please note that the conditions of booking topdeal tickets differ from the standard conditions which apply to normal award flights. These tickets:

  • Always exclude taxes, charges and fuel surcharge
  • Cannot be booked again and cannot be changed once booked
  • Only apply to direct flights
  • Can only be booked via the Internet
  • Are limited in availability
  • Are only offered for seats in the economy class cabin and cannot be upgraded


“Don’t have an Airberlin Account? You’ll get 500 miles just for registering”, according to this article written by Kathy Kass of Will Run For Miles; from whom I first found out about this offer. “Don’t have any Topbonus miles? SPG is a transfer partner.”

This offer has been in effect since Monday, March 13, 2017. I had the aforementioned article set aside to report this to you earlier this week but failed to do so in a more timely manner; and I apologize for that…

…but the offer is still in effect for at least another 24 hours — so better late than never; and I hope that you are able to take full advantage of this offer.

It would be nice for other airlines to offer such deep discounts on award travel…

Venice is one of the many destinations for which you can redeem topbonus miles during this promotion. Photograph ©2004 by Brian Cohen.

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  1. DaninMCI says:

    Am I the only one in the USA that runs into the Airberlin website being blocked at times? Just wondering. I think this is a great deal if Airberlin can keep afloat financially.

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