Up to 90 Percent Off of Select Hotels With Expedia Cyber Monday Sale 2018 — Plus…

Starting at noon Eastern Standard Time today, Monday, November 26, 2018, new coupons will be offered from Expedia every hour with discounts of up to 90 percent off of stays at participating hotel and resort properties — but only while supplies last.

Up to 90 Percent Off of Select Hotels With Expedia Cyber Monday Sale 2017 — Plus…

Other coupons which are being offered by Expedia every hour from noon through 6:00 in the evening Eastern Standard Time include:

  • $100.00 off flights with a minimum spend of $200.00
  • 50 percent off of standalone hotel and resort properties

Other Deals Offered by Expedia Today

If you are unable to secure the discount of 90 percent — or if you do not want to wait for that promotion to start or you want to score a deal after 3:00 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time today — the following three deals being offered by Expedia are significantly less valuable than the aforementioned deals; but they should be easier to procure:

  • 10 percent off of standalone hotel and resort properties
  • $100.00 off vacation packages with a minimum spend of $1,000.00
  • $100.00 off activities with a minimum spend of $200.00


Although you may almost certainly get a discount coupon with the Cyber Monday deal from Expedia, keep your expectations low with regard to securing a coupon which actually offers a discount of 90 percent, as those coupons will probably be in very limited quantities.

Hotel and resort properties which are part of the portfolio of a major lodging company usually do not participate in these sales; so do not get your hopes up that you will score 90 percent off at a Park Hyatt, Conrad, Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont or Four Seasons hotel or resort property.

I personally have benefited from saving money with Expedia in the past when booking reservations at hotel properties — such as at the Cresta President Hotel in Botswana, which I have reviewed my stay — and that ironically is a reason why these sales can be aggravating: you can potentially save a significant amount of money; but the terms and conditions of many of the sales are not always clear until the sales actually start. Use the terms and conditions from the Cyber Monday sale from last year as a guide of sorts

…so I am hoping that you are able to score some good deals with the aforementioned three offers from Expedia; and I hope this somewhat advance notice gives you the opportunity to do so. If you do participate in these offers, please let me know of your experience.

In the meantime, other online travel agencies are also offering deals for today

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