Upgrade Chances Now on Alaska Airlines for All Delta Medallion Members — Except Silver

If you are a Delta Air Lines Medallion Elite Gold, Platinum or Diamond member, you now qualify for upgrades on Alaska Airlines flights, as DL GM+ upgrades on AS to start 9/1/10. — and FlyerTalk members have been reporting upgrade success.

Unfortunately, Delta Air Lines Silver Medallion members are reportedly not eligible to qualify for upgrades on Alaska Airlines flights.

This complements a promotion good until November 15, 2010 where if one can combine a Delta Air Lines flight and an Alaska Airlines flight into the same itinerary, one receives double miles.

4 thoughts on “Upgrade Chances Now on Alaska Airlines for All Delta Medallion Members — Except Silver”

  1. Golfingboy says:

    This whole thing sucks… Delta keeps on failing to implement upgrades for Alaska elites. Alaska is going to get grilled about this on Thursday at the Gold luncheon at LAX… Since this benefit has not been formally announced, I would not have any issues if Alaska pulled the upgrades away until Delta gets their act together.

  2. SpecialK says:

    This is a big lie. I’m a DL Gold Elite and just called AS to see about upgrading. I called twice, both times the agent had to call the “back office”, both times they said the upgrade program hasn’t been started yet, but they “hope” soon.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Not a lie – did it the other day. Although I also did not have luck with the phone reservations – only at the airport.

  4. RONG says:

    Delta still hasn’t announced it officially yet. On its website it only says “by fall 2010”. And 2010 is almost gone…

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