US Airways Announces Fees for Dividend Miles Awards Redemption

I rarely post two consecutive items from the same FlyerTalk forum here in The Gate, but the news coming from US Airways recently has been quite shocking to some FlyerTalk members.

What used to be free is no longer free: on top of the fees and surcharges one already is required to pay when redeeming a Dividend Miles award ticket, one also must pay up to an additional US$50.00 just for the privilege of redeeming an award ticket.

Obviously, FlyerTalk members in the US Airways forum are in an uproar, to say the least. Many are threatening to leave the Dividend Miles program altogether.

There is more news: if you want a drink on US Airways – even a bottle of water – the charge is US$2.oo. Alcoholic beverages increase to US$7.00 from US$5.00.

More details and reaction from FlyerTalk members can be found in the 6/12 US Airways Updates: Fees, Charges for drinks, Ends bonus miles (Merged Threads) thread.

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