US Airways Chairman Preferred Member Arrested for Assault Over Debate on Boarding Protocol?

A person who claimed to be a Chairman Preferred member of the US Airways Dividend Miles frequent flier loyalty program was reportedly arrested for pushing a gate agent against the wall following a series of attempts to board by elite status despite the gate agent boarding by row number.
Citing that this flight from Washington, D.C. to Boston was a US Airways Shuttle flight, the gate agent allegedly decided to board passengers by row number instead of by elite status, which supposedly infuriated the self-proclaimed Chairman Preferred member as he attempted numerous times to board the flight early. When he finally boarded, he was forced to check a piece of baggage.
After a commotion supposedly overheard by the fiancée of FlyerTalk member PcolaPaul, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police boarded the aircraft and arrested the man shortly after he finally sat in his assigned seat, with the gate agent reportedly pointing to him and saying “…that’s him…he pushed me against the wall.”
The issue here is that the man refused to listen to the instructions of the boarding process implemented by the gate agent, citing that proper boarding protocol is that elite passengers are boarded first before other passengers. The gate agent claims that the US Airways Shuttle follows a different procedure for boarding passengers. FlyerTalk members debate as to whether or not the gate agent was right or wrong.
Regardless of who is right or wrong and no matter how frustrating a situation may become, the man has no right to infringe upon the space of the gate agent, let alone touch her inappropriately or push her — if he in fact indeed pushed her.
By the way, thanks to The Gate reader PlateMan for the correction regarding the police jurisdiction in question.
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