US Airways Launches 2011 Grand Slam Promotion

US Airways officially announced the 2011 Grand Slam Promotion, which is so popular that the unprecedented creation of a new dedicated sub-forum on FlyerTalk has occurred — and FlyerTalk members are already assisting each other in the newly-created sub-forum with posting the easiest and most efficient ways of taking full advantage of this promotion.
One can earn up to 110,000 Dividend Miles — of which 10,000 are qualifying miles towards Preferred status — based on the number of successful “hits” earned with qualifying partners, such as:

  • US Airways Club
  • Rent a car
  • Stay at a hotel
  • Convert hotel points to miles
  • US Airways Dividend Miles credit or debit card usage
  • Purchase US Airways Dividend Miles
  • Share US Airways Dividend Miles
  • Swap miles to US Airways Dividend Miles
  • Dividend Miles Shopping Mall
  • Dividend Miles Toolbar
  • Buy up to Preferred Status
  • Buy Trial Preferred Status
  • All other partners

US Airways will track hits and award bonus miles beginning September 28, 2011, and continue to post miles every other week until March 28, 2012 to ensure sufficient time for all partner activity to be recorded by US Airways.
Only members with Preferred status are eligible to earn the top bonus level, which is 40 “hits” for a total of 110,000 bonus miles. If you begin the promotion without Preferred status but earn status by flying or by buying Preferred status through the ‘Buy up to Preferred’ or ‘Trial Preferred’ programs during the promotional period, you will be eligible for the top bonus level.
Other rules, terms and restrictions may apply.

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