US$28.00 for Room Service for Four People — Food Not Included

One might think that $7 for each Place setting, New York Hilton is a phenomenally incredible deal if one was catering an affair or event at a hotel located in Midtown Manhattan.

Alas, that is the charge for room service per setting if one orders four plates, four glasses, and four forks, which are to be used with food brought in from outside the hotel property — and the per-setting charge does not include taxes, fees or gratuities.

While some FlyerTalk members are appalled by the charge, others have never encountered this situation before and still others are not surprised. However, at least one FlyerTalk member wonders aloud why one would expect room service to deliver place settings if one did not order their food. Also, should the hotel property be compensated for the cost of having someone deliver the place settings, as well as the cost of cleaning them once they are used?

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